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Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control has provided Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control and numerous other wildlife services that can resolve any nuisance wild animal problem. Our removal methods involve humane live-trapping techniques and different strategies when live trapping will not work. You can depend on Big Papas for wildlife damage evaluation and preventative protection from troublesome nuisance critters. Every wildlife service we provide is pragmatic, efficient, and executed ethically. On every top to bottom and inside-and-out inspection of your buildings and property, we provide you with a step-by-step strategy to solve your wildlife troubles, and you are 100% guaranteed for one year. Still, you can choose plans that will extend that guarantee as well.

Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control Team Delivers Safe, Humane, And Effective Services And Have Expertise In The Following Areas

Big Papas Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control For Residential and Commercial Wildlife Removal

Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s Residential & Commercial Wildlife Removal

If your Davenport, Iowa, homes, businesses, and commercial structures contain nuisance wild animals, Big Papas provides wildlife removal and control safely and humanely. With the development of new homes and the removal of old woodlands, it’s no wonder that conflicts with wildlife are becoming more common.

We know how to set the appropriate traps and bait for the wild critters on your property and trap those pesky wild animals in the shortest time possible. Every wild animal removal and wildlife control situation is unique, and it will require different types of traps and trapping strategies. Big Papa’s is the Davenport, Iowa, wildlife expert you’ll want to hire for high-quality wildlife control and exclusion.

Big Papas Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control For Wildlife Exclusions And Prevention

Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s Wildlife Exclusion And Prevention

Wildlife exclusion is essential to Big Papa’s wildlife control and prevention approach in all Davenport, Iowa buildings. Exclusion is a practice of thwarting wildlife infestations by discovering, examining, and closing all wildlife access points to a home, business, or commercial building.

Our exclusion procedures provide a barrier between your Davenport, Iowa building and any wildlife trying to enter and are the only long-lasting solution to any wildlife infestation. When delivering our exclusion services, we have all the appropriate tools and equipment to properly perform our wildlife exclusions which makes our work more efficient and allows us to get the job done right the first time.

Big Papas Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control For Wildlife Damage Repairs

Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s Wildlife Damage Repairs

It’s essential to understand that your wildlife troubles often don’t end when we remove wildlife critters from your residential or commercial building. Wild animals can cause substantial destruction to your property, and significant repairs are necessary. Big Papas will correct any damage caused by wildlife infestations, and we will repair all vulnerabilities preventing further intrusions.

Big Papa’s Davenport, Iowa damage repair experts meticulously check gaps or openings in the foundation, vents, soffits, fascia, eaves, chimneys, and roof ridges. We use high-quality materials in all our repairs which prevents reentrance. Let Big Papa’s make your building wildlife-free and wildlife-proof!

Big Papas Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control For Attic Restorations

Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s Attic Restorations

Attic insulation is necessary to keep your buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but mice, raccoons, squirrels, and bats can destroy insulation and its effects. Wild animals in an attic gnaw and tear insulation but, in most cases, get damaged by critters poop and pee. Wild animals in an attic will damage wood, sheetrock, flooring, insulation, wiring, and soil the general area with pee and poop.

Big Papas Davenport, Iowa’s attic restoration services remove damaged materials, all feces, and soiled insulation, sanitize all surfaces, deodorize the attic, and replace the insulation with an R-Value between R49-R60 dependent on what best suits your needs.

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Big Papa’s trucks display the smiling Sasquatch so keep an eye out for Big Papas Nuisance Wildlife Control’s trucks in the Davenport region. Call us at (563) 299-9664, and we think you may see a giant smile on our wildlife expert’s faces when they service your Davenport nuisance wildlife issues.

Big Papas Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control For Predator Solutions

Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s Predator Solutions

In some Davenport, Iowa areas, predator trapping is the best way to control wild nuisance predators like bobcats, foxes, and coyotes, creating conflicts with potentially dangerous consequences. Due to human intervention into predator’s territories, more predator conflicts lead to the death of livestock, poultry, and house pets, and sometimes attacks on humans, where small children are the most vulnerable.

Big Papa’s employs various management techniques that deliver answers to human predator conflicts. , Depending on your circumstances, altering your property’s environment may solve predators from entering your property, but predators may have to be trapped and possibly even shot.

Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s Most Frequent Wildlife Calls

The Most Problematic Nuisance Wildlife In The Davenport, Iowa For Big Papa Are Bats, Beavers, Moles, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels, And Woodchucks, Though Big Papa’s Get Service Calls For Numerous Other Critter Issues. No Matter The Critter, Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control Is Here To Help!

Big Papas Nuisance Wildlife Control and Bat Removal. Thanks to Wiki Commons and Tristan Loper, USFWS/Ann Froschauer, USFWSmidwest, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Bat Exclusion At Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control

Though nine species of bats live in Iowa at some point during the year, two, the Little Brown Bat(above left) and the Big Brown Bat(above right), commonly invade Davenport, Iowa, homes and buildings once the cooler temperatures arrive in October and November. Though these two mosquito-eating mammals love roosting in warmer temperatures up to 100 degrees, they will hunker down in the cool Iowa attics of buildings during winter.

It is not unusual for one or two bats to enter an attic for hibernation if gaps allow them entrance. But if a large number of bats take refuge in an attic, they can generate heaps of urine-soaked feces, which cause not only damage to wood, sheetrock, and especially insulation but house fungi that live in the feces and produce spores harmful to the health of humans. If you have an inkling of a bat infestation, contact Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s bat experts if you want bats successfully and safely removed from your attic.

Beaver Photo: thanks to Minette Layne  via Wikimedia Commons

Beaver Trapping At Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control

At one point in Iowa’s history, beaver trapping provided a livelihood due to the use of the fur as clothing, but the trade massively decreased the beaver population to extinction. Fortunately, beavers survived the onslaught of trapping and now live in large numbers throughout Iowa. Their dam-making abilities enhance water quality, trap and store carbon and store groundwater in dry spells.

But, beavers cause damage in three main ways: chewing and eating through valued trees or crops, flooding trees, crops, property, or transportation passageways due to beaver dams, and eroding banks and levees through burrowing. In addition, beavers can carry an intestinal parasite Giardia lamblia, which causes human health problems when passed into water supply systems and artesian wells. Whatever beaver problem you are facing, Big Papas Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s beaver experts have several management strategies for resolving human beaver conflicts.

Big Papas Nuisance Wildlife Control and Ground Mole Trapping

Mole Trapping At Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control

Nothing exasperates Davenport, Iowa, property owners watching their beautiful lawn’s root system damaged by a mole invasion. Unfortunately, Davenport property owners face ground moles problems during the warmer months. But fortunately, Iowans contend with only one of 7 species of mole throughout the US, the Eastern Mole, and widespread throughout Iowa while living their life underground and seldom seen by humans.

Moles can quickly rip up a beautifully landscaped property because they are constantly burrowing for food, given their enormous appetite for insects, grubs, small vertebrates, and occasionally roots of vegetation. Trapping is the most effective and safe method for controlling moles, but it takes experience and patience, both of which the team at Big Papa has in excess. If your property has a mole problem, Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife control’s ground mole experts can rid your yard of moles using specialized traps and return your lawn to its original glory.

Big Papas Nuisance Wildlife Control And Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Trapping At Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control

If you have some irritating raccoons making repeated visits around your home sooner rather than later, there is a strong probability you’ll face a raccoon break-in. Generally, your attic is where a raccoon wants to access. And more often than not, it will be a female who wants a safe place to give birth to her young and, in that process, causes extensive damage building her nest while she gets free room and board.

Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control’s team have years of real-world experience with raccoon trapping and relocation. We will inspect your property, discover all access areas, and offer immediate raccoon removal solutions to protect your home.

But, you may want to try some strategies to get raccoons off your property. You don’t have to live with annoying raccoons attempting to access your trash cans or tear their way into your home. Raccoons don’t like bright lights and loud noises, so you can spend a few evenings harassing your raccoon invaders. Raccoons, especially females with babies wandering on your property, will generally get the message and move on and find a new location where they feel safer and unbothered.

Big Papas Nuisance Wildlife Control and Skunk Trapping

Skunks Trapping At Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a baby skunk shuttle along the ground but be aware that mama is generally soon to follow, and she will spray if she thinks her babies are threatened in any way, shape, or form. Female skunks loves living under decks, porches, garages, and sheds where they can give birth to their kits and raise them in relative safety.

Once you discover a skunk or skunk family on your property, Big Papa Nuisance Wildlife Control can humanely trap, remove and relocate a skunk or skunk family. Still, we can’t guarantee a skunk will not spray when initially caught. A skunk is one of the most difficult wild animals to trap, but Big Papas knows all the skunk removal tricks and strategies.

Big Papas Nuisance Wildlife Control and Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel And Chipmunk Trapping At Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control

There are two problem squirrels that Big Papas deal with regularly, the Eastern Gray Squirrel and Ground Squirrels, also called “squinnies.” And then there is the pesky little chipmunk, though not a squirrel, who can dig holes throughout a property and damage the roots of trees, plants, and vegetables.

Of these three rodents, a gray squirrel is the only tree dweller, not a ground dweller like ground squirrels and chipmunks. The gray squirrel gets into Iowa buildings, causing extensive damage in the form of chewed wires, ripped insulation, gnawing stored materials, and pooping and peeing on wooden surfaces, insulation, and any stored goods. And if it’s a pregnant female, well, she’ll not only be ripping up materials in your building to build a nest, but you’ll also soon have a bunch of babies running through your building once weaned.

Big Papa’s Davenport Iowa Wildlife Control expert can help you deal with any issue involving gray squirrels, ground squirrels, or chipmunks and resolve those issues through both trapping strategies and some habitat modification.

Big Papas Nuisance Wildlife Control and Woodchuck/Groundhog Trapping

Woodchucks | Groundhogs Trapping

Although groundhog is their formal name, in Iowa, many people call them woodchucks or even whistle pigs since they use a high-pitched whistle call to alert other groundhogs of a threat. Groundhogs are rodents living throughout Iowa in urban and country settings. Groundhogs become disruptive and create problems when they dig unsightly holes on your property, dig tunnels under buildings, decks, sheds, garages, and porches, or damage gardens since they love eating fresh veggies.

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