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Predators, like, coyotes, bobcats, and foxes, can be very dangerous to you, your pets, poultry, or livestock, if they can enter your property. Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control provides complete predator trapping services and other solutions for homeowners, livestock, and poultry producers. We concentrate on quick and efficient predator elimination that reduces large overpopulated predator regions.

Big Papa’s is one of Iowa’s top trapping services, and we can construct a predator solution that will solve your particular nuisance predator problem. We provide long-standing predator trapping strategies using various innovative traps and snares.

And don’t forget that if you raise poultry, raccoons, skunks, feral cats, and snakes will also attack roosting chickens. Big Papa’s has numerous solutions to protect your poultry and their eggs and keep your flock safe from more than the larger predators who will feast on chickens, livestock, and your domesticated pets.

Big Papa’s Provides Predator Control Solutions to the Cities Of Bettendorf, Burlington, Coralville, Davenport, Iowa City, Muscatine, North Liberty, Wapello, West Liberty, Wilton, and More

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Coyote Predator Control and solutions by Big Papas Nuisacne Wildlife Control


Generally, killing coyotes on your property may be necessary for some situations, but killing or trapping is not the solution if you have a large population in your area. Eradicating one pack of coyotes, rather than determining why they are on your property, creates an opportunity for another coyote pack.

While shooting or trapping nuisance coyotes works, it may only be a temporary solution if you are not controlling their food supply that attracts coyotes to your property in the first place. The less food in an area, the fewer coyotes will be seen since a lack of food controls the reproductive rate. But increasing reproduction will soon follow when a steady food supply is available.

And please, if you have coyotes in your area, be vigilant if you have pets since coyotes will kill and eat domesticated pets and not just poultry and livestock. Big Papa has Predator Control Solutions that can address your coyote problems with effective coyote predator control strategies. Call us today at (563) 299-9664.

Fox predator control and solutions by Big Papas Nuisacne Wildlife Control


The fox is an interesting predator. If around humans long enough, a fox can appear almost tame, especially if humans have fed them. But if you have a fox living in your area or someplace on your property, your pets, especially if small, are in danger if a fox is hungry.

A fox becomes a nuisance critter due to its behavior of searching for food in cities, and not just rural settings, since humans take over more of their habitat. Fox threatened pets, poultry, and small livestock. The crafty fox is known for killing chickens raised by people who fail to cage them in a properly built chicken house. In addition, leaving pet food outside is an open invitation for a fox visitation and setting up shop on your property.

As cute as a fox may appear, it is dangerous, so don’t feed or think of it as a pet. Remember that foxes can carry rabies, so please don’t try to pet a fox.

Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control fox experts can provide you with numerous fox predator control solutions by contacting us today at (563) 299-9664.

Bobcat predator control and solutions by Big Papas Nuisacne Wildlife Control. Public Domain Wiki Commons


In the past, Iowa’s bobcat population had diminished to the point they entered Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources endangered species list in 1977. Over time Iowa’s bobcat populations have successfully increased, so they are no longer endangered or threatened. There is now a short bobcat hunting season in Iowa, allowing for the trapping of one bobcat.

Bobcats generally stay away from populated areas and feed primarily on rabbits, mice, voles, and squirrels. Still, if they enter populated areas, they are known to attack and eat domesticated cats, chickens, and smaller livestock. Once a bobcat gets a kill on a property owner’s property, there is a greater chance it will return to feed again, and a human bobcat encounter does increase. And please keep your cats and dogs inside at night once you know bobcats have entered your property.

Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control can help you deal with bobcats, and we can provide you with several bobcat predator control solutions by calling us today at (563) 299-9664.

Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control Provides Eastern Iowa Wildlife Control Services to the Cities Of Bettendorf, Burlington, Coralville, Davenport, Iowa City, Muscatine, North Liberty, Wapello, West Liberty, Wilton, and More

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