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Our Customers Congratulating Us For Our Excellent Results, Personable Service, Expert Knowledge, And 100% Customer Satisfaction

Testimonials From 10+ Years Of Effective Ethical Wildlife Removal Services Performed With Love For The Job

Big Papa’s clients praise us for our excellent results, personable service, expert knowledge, and finishing a job promptly, and that’s why we get such great testimonials. Our customer testimonials are recommendations that they are satisfied customers that affirm the value of Big Papas services. Big Papa does not pay for customer testimonials like some companies that hire influencer marketers. You can rest assured our customer testimonials are given by happy customers, voluntarily or upon request. 

Integrity And Pride In A Job Well-Done Is Big Papa’s #1 Priority And That Makes My Customers Happy Every Time

Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control’s owner and president, Ray Eserhaut, takes pride in his work and a job well done. Big Papa’s is a local company, not a corporation, with ties to the Iowa community it serves. The customers of Big Papa can rest easy knowing that they tackle every job, big or small, with the same level of integrity and pride in a job performed correctly the first time. We value openess and communicate clearly at every step of any task we do. Our testimonials are a tribute to Big Papa’s dedication, love of wildlife and the job.

Ray Eserhaut, AKA Big Papa, Loves His Job And Has A Deep Affection For Wildlife. You’ll Experience That When You Hire Big Papa And See Him Doing What He Does Best! Our Testimonials Tell It All! Always Hire An Experienced Wildlife Control Operator Like Big Papa!

“Making My Customers 100% Satisfied Means They’re Happy And So Am I When I Get Testimonials Like These!”

Ray Eserhaut, aka Big Papa

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Photo of a Smiling Big Papa at the testimonials page
Photo at the testimonials page: A baby raccoon sleeping in Big Papa's shirt pocket.
Photo at the testimonials page: Big Papa loves his job and loves wildlife.
Testimonials page: Big Papa loving some baby raccoons

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Kathy Ford

“We recently faced the need to sell our late parent’s home to settle the estate. During a professional home inspection, bat droppings were found in the attic of the two-story home. After discussing the issue with our realtor, the recommendation was to contact Ray Eserhaut of Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control, Muscatine, Iowa.

After a site inspection, Ray discussed our options and recommended what he believed was the best option. Remediation involved sealing all the bat points of entry and installing devices that allowed the bats to exit but not re-enter. We were very pleased with their work and the time frame in which the work was completed. The work comes with a one-year transferable warranty, which satisfied the buyer’s concerns.

To sum up, we were very pleased with Ray’s service and highly recommend Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control.

It was a pleasure working with him to solve our bat issue.”


“Thank you so much for getting the bats out of the screened-in porch area and attic of my porch. It will be really nice to be able to sit on the porch without the mess, smell, and noise. I also appreciate you cleaning up the mess and washing the side of the house. Thank you for a great job.”

R. Odem

Wapello, IA


“I had a problem with an animal in my basement. I saw “Big Papa’s” advertisement on his truck and called them. The next day the raccoon was gone. They set traps and caught more of them. I was thrilled they were gone!! Thanks, Big Papa’s. Good Job!!”

N. Walker


 “I’ve been having trouble with bats at my house. Ray inspected the house and found the places they were entering, then took care of the problem.”

A. Anderson

Muscatine, IA


J. Devore

Muscatine, IA

 “I own and operate a local business in Muscatine. I recently had a squirrel problem. I had squirrels coming into the building, and making a mess. Big Papa’s came and set up traps and caught one right away. He then continued to stop every day to check the traps for about two weeks. Once he was sure that all of the squirrels were gone, he got the materials to cover the holes which were very nice because we are a small business and I did not have the time to do so myself. I would highly recommend Big Papa’s to anyone!.”


J. Swailes

 Columbus Junction, IA

“Thank you for an expert job of saving me from the 3+’ snake that ended up under my refrigerator. It showed up after I cleaned out the cellar. Chica, our Blood Hound, warned me by barking as an intruder alert.  Thanks again.”


Kelly Rowe

“Ray is fantastic! Truly a nice guy with great knowledge about trapping unwanted varmints. Just got groundhog #6 from under the neighbor’s house. They’ve been living there a long time and when they started wandering up on my deck, is when I took action. We aren’t done yet, but Ray’s a patient guy!”


Jason Harkness

“Ray is a genuinely honest and knowledgable trapper. His attention to detail is a great asset. I would recommend him to anyone.”