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10+ Years Of Well-Respected, High-Quality, Customer Focused Wildlife Damage Repairs

Wildlife Damage Repairs are an essential adjunct of the nuisance wildlife removal procedure, which entails repairing damage on the outside and within homes, businesses, and commercial buildings and, in addition, prevents future wild animal invasions.

When wild animals enter buildings, they inevitably create destruction, hence the need to remove critters immediately from a building once they enter. The longer nuisance wildlife stays in your buildings, the more damage they do, and the more expensive will be the wildlife damage repairs.

Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control takes pride in performing high-quality wildlife damage repairs while improving the quality and maintaining the aesthetics of your structure. Plus, we perform the highest quality repairs at a fair rate.

Big Papa’s Provides Wildlife Damage Repairs to the Cities Of Bettendorf, Burlington, Coralville, Davenport, Iowa City, Muscatine, North Liberty, Wapello, West Liberty, Wilton, and More

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As far as we are concerned, trapping out nuisance critters without performing wildlife damage repairs doesn’t solve the problem that permitted them into your home or business initially, and not doing so is shooting yourself in the foot. Unless you perform wildlife damage repairs, don’t be surprised if you face another wild animal break-in after the initial trapping. That’s why after you hire us and complete wildlife removal, we highly suggest you hire us to do our professional animal damage repairs to wildlife-proof your home.

Doing wildlife damage repairs correctly the first time avoids future invasions by nuisance wildlife and the expensive damage these wild animals create. Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control team provides a wide variety of wildlife damage repairs that will wildlife-proof your buildings. No matter what kind of nuisance wildlife has damaged your attic, soffits, eaves, fascia, vents, chimneys, garage, or shed, we not only remove them, we can keep them out with proper wildlife damage repairs.

So give us a call today at (563) 299-9664, and we’ll get someone out to your place to inspect your buildings and help get you through the confusion caused by a wildlife invasion and the resulting damage.

Wildlife Damage Repairs Is A Proactive Approach To Prevent Future Wildlife Invasions So You Don’t Face The Same Problems In The Future. Proper Repairs To Wildlife Damage And Vulnerabe Areas Due To Your Building Will Prevent Future Critters Incursions In The same Areas.

Big Papa’s perform wildlife damage repairs regularly on uncovered gable vents, as in this instance, torn through by a raccoon. We removed the raccoon and covered the gable vent with heavy gauge screening.

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Some Common Areas Big Papas Performs Wildlife Damage Repairs Are Chimneys, All Types Of Vents On A Building, Areas Around A Porch Or Deck, Gaps In Brick, Eaves, Soffits, Fascia Board, Along Roof Edges, And Roof Ridges.

Photo at Big Papa's wildlife damage repairs page: A raccoon tore its way into this soffit.
Photo at Big Papa's wildlife damage repairs page: We had to repair this uncovered gable vent
Photo at Big Papa's wildlife damage repairs page:  squirrels chewed their way through this rotting fascia.

Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control Provides Eastern Iowa Wildlife Control Services to the Cities Of Bettendorf, Burlington, Coralville, Davenport, Iowa City, Muscatine, North Liberty, Wapello, West Liberty, Wilton, and More

Big Papa’s Is The No Pressure Company When It Comes To Wildlife Damage Repairs, But…

We won’t pressure you into getting wildlife damage repairs we believe are in your best interest. But we think it is our professional duty to share the things that need to be corrected, which can thwart animals from getting into your buildings. You may have your carpenter do the work, and that’s okay with us, or do the work yourself. But you’ll probably save money by hiring Big Papa’s to do the wildlife damage repairs correctly the first time, given that is our area of expertise.

Remember that most wildlife damage repairs performed by companies without wildlife control experts have a higher probability of not doing the job correctly the first time. Wildlife-proofing buildings require training, experience, and understanding of the behavior of Iowa wildlife. Even experienced, competent carpenters often ignore damage and vulnerabilities that Big Papa’s won’t.

All our Wildlife Damage Repairs work comes with a 1-year guarantee with available extensions, and if re-entry occurs over the 1-year guarantee program or the extension, we will return and fix the problem free of charge.

Even Though Our Wildlife Damage Repairs Provide Exceptionally Effective And Aesthetically Pleasing Results, We Cannot Guarantee They Will Stand Up For A Lifetime.

Gray squirrels chewed through this rotting fascia and then entered the attic. No more squirrels now and a good-looking repair with solid long lasting hardwood.

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100% Customer Satisfaction And Safety Are Essential When Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control Takes On Any Nuisance Wildlife Job – We Guarantee It!

“I own and operate a local business in Muscatine. I recently had a squirrel problem. I had squirrels coming in the building, and making a mess. Big Papa’s came and set up traps and caught one right away. He then continued to stop every day to check the traps for about two weeks. Once he was sure that all of the squirrels were gone, he got the materials to cover the holes which was very nice because we are a small business and I did not have the time to do so myself. I would highly recommend Big Papa’s to anyone!.

J. Devore, Muscatine, IA